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Businesses trading in Castle Douglas town centre 27 June 2005 and 16 February 2009

In June 2005:

– there were 132 businesses trading in Castle Douglas town centre, of which 75 (57%) were shops.
– there were two vacant premises; a cafe and a charity shop.
– of the 75 shops, 30 (40%) had begun trading or changed ownership since 2000.

In February 2009:
– there were 127 business trading in Castle Douglas town centre, of which 67 (53%) were shops.
– there are now seven vacant premises.
– there has been an overall loss of 5 (4%) businesses since June 2005.
– there has been an overall loss of 8 (11%) of shops since June 2005. These include recent (2009) closure of Woolworths, a fishmongers and Victoria Wine

Major changes outside town centre between June 2005 and February 2009
– in 2006 a Tesco supermarket opened on the edge of town.
– in 2007 the Co-op closed their Superstore and relocated to a new, smaller supermarket in car park of their Superstore.
– in 2009, north of England based Wilkinson's opened a household goods/ DIY/ garden
supplies store in the former Co-op superstore.
The Co-op relocation was a direct impact of Tesco opening. The Wilkinson opening is an indirect effect, but has created concern amongst the business community.

See http://icdumfries.icnetwork.co.uk/gallowaynews/news//tm_headline=town-traders-fear-arrivalof-wilkinson-store&method=full&objectid=21894658&siteid=77296-

The Survey
This was carried out on 27 June 2005 (i.e. prior to opening of Tesco store). The survey began at lower end of east side of King Street (main street), followe3d the west side of King Street to top and then down west side. Shops/ businesses on side streets (St Andrew St, Church St, and Academy St)were also included. Businesses which were new or relocated since 1999 are shown *

The area included in the survey was based on the area defined as Castle Douglas Town Centre by Dumfries and Galloway Council for retail development planning purposes. [Copy not to hand so Castle Douglas Food Town map substituted below]

Results of first survey were posted on Tescodeconstruct blog in June 2005

A second survey was made 16 February 2009 and changes since June 2005 shown in bold plus italic. At No. 92 , the Co-op supermarket on Cotton Street was added due to significant changes (see above) affecting this site.

1. Pye's - shop: newsagent February 2009- Fortnum, recruitment agency
2. McKerlie's - electrical contractors office.
3. McGill Duncan - art gallery
4. Holistics / Wedding Shop : dress shop and spa centre *
5. Bare Essentials : shop, lingerie * February 2009 VACANT
6. Scott Country : shop, outdoor pursuits, fishing, shooting, clothing .
7. Small Print : shop, offices supplies, potocopying and printing *
8. Sulwath Brewery : also have bar/ beer garden.
9. Guy Pollock: cabinet maker.
10. Carlos: restaurant
11. Douglas Books : shop, second hand and out of print books, good local collection *
12. Lily : shop handbags and accessories *
13. Video Venue : shop video/dvd rentals *
14. Littles :shop, pork butchers since 1924.
15. Hazel's : shop, second hand
16. Caring for Carers: charity shop *
17. Kings Arms Hotel :
18. Gelston Picture Framers *
19. Small Engine Centre - repairs and spares for small engines.
20. PJ's Cafe – February 2009 -laundrette and dry cleaners
21. Inspiration: shop, young women's fashions*
22. Anne's Hairdressers
23. Jade Palace: Chinese restaurant
24. Merrick Hotel: Indian restaurant
25. Spirit of Galloway : shop, specialists in whiskys and spirits *
26. Lyon: dentists
27. Street Lights: cafe/ bistro*
28. Victoria Wine: shop, off-licence February 2009 under conversion to betting shop
29. A.D. Livingston and Sons : shop/ workshop, restore, make and sell furniture.
30. Willow: shop, occasional furniture, decorative furnishings* February 2009 shop ,
furniture A D Livingston and Sons

31. 173 Deli : shop, delicatessen, sandwich bar, stock local produce*
32. Supersave : shop, household goods, recently enlarged*
33. Enigma : shop, decorative furnishings, clothes*
34. Debra: shop, charity*
35. Semi-chem : shop, chemists
36. Semple and Ferguson: shop, electrical goods February 2009 shop, ladies shoes,
Stepping Out (relocation)

37. Magick Broomstick: shop, new age jewelry, clothing
38. Atticus: shop, ladies clothes *
39. Castle Douglas Cycle Centre: shop, bikes* l
40. Roland Alexander: hairdressers
41. Thompsons: shop, jewellers
42. Gillespie and Gifford: solicitors, estate agent
43. Royal Bank of Scotland: bank.
44. Mackays: shop, clothes, adult, children. National/ Regional.
45. Superspar: shop, small supermarket. National/Regional
46. Blue Bell: small hotel/ pub February 2009 closed but “opening soon under new

47. Woolworths : shop, National February 2009 closed, now Pound Shop
48. Jenny Wren: shop, upmarket toys*
49. D.E. Shoes : shop, shoes, branch of national chain.
50. Lynsey Stewart: shop February 2009 shop, jewelry, Mode Designs
51. Moss Chemists: shop, dispensing chemists February 2009 shop, Boots dispensing

52. Gowans: shop, fabrics for dressmaking, curtains, bed linen.
53. Gowan's : shop/ showroom, beds*
54. Gowans: shop, ladies clothes - on street, next two at rear along passage.
55. Gowans: shop, gents clothes
56. Gowans: shop, saver shop.
57. Moss Chemists: shop, dispensing chemists February 2009, shop, furniture Inspirations
58. Livingston's : shop, gents tailors, established in 1896
59. Livingston's: shop, ladies clothes
60. S. Caven : workshop, clock repairs
61. Hewats: solicitors and estate agents.
62. Lloyds TSB: bank
63. Mad Hatter's: cafe*
64. Sunrise Wholefoods: shop, organics, including local cheese
65. Panache: shop, ladies clothes*
66. Livingstons: shop, ladies dresses* Last shop on east side
67. Sigley's : chip shop, First business on West Side
68. The Royal: was hotel until 2004, now pub*
69. Crown Hotel and restaurant.
70. Haughs: cars sales and garage. Off street through archway and down lane.
71. Great Wall: Chinese take-away
72. G.M. Thompsons: estate agents
73. Imperial Hotel
74. Bell Ogilvy: accountants
75. Clydesdale Bank: .
76. Low's – shop, newsgents
77. Solicitors Property Centre: estate agents.
78. Henderson's: shop, butchers,
79. McCowans: shop, fishing tackle, outdoor activities, pet food.
80. Tessera: shop, clothes, furnishings..*
81. Bryan Gowans: shop, paints, wallpaper, decorating*
82. Gowans: shop, carpets, floor coverings.
83. Gowans: shop, children's clothes .
84. Galloway Craft Guild: shop, local arts and crafts.
85. Therapy Centre: 5 businesses, beauticians, hairdressers etc*
86. Little VIPs: shop, children's clothes.*
87. New Images : hairdressers*
88. Stewartry Care: nursing care for elderly.
89. Posthorn 90: shop fine arts, jewellery*
90. Barber's : gents hairdressers
91. Opticians
92. Co-operative Superstore supermarket shop, [Note: outside defined town centre.
February 2009 large shop household goods, gardening Wilkinson. Co-op relocated to
new, smaller store adjecent to old store.]

93. Post Office
94. Barry Smart' s: shop, newsagents
95. Threave Home Hardware: shop, hardware.*
96. Corsons: shop, bakers
97. Phillpotts: shop, outdoor / sporting clothing. * February 2009 estate agents Giffords.
98. Cobblers :shop, shoe repairs*
99. House of Chocolate: shop, hand made chocolates and deli *
100. Galloway Gems: shop, crafts, artists supplies, crystals, gem rocks
101. Simply Delicious; cafe
102. Mitchells: shop, greengrocers and fishmongers, local fruit and veg in season
103. Cut Above: hairdessers
104. Halliday's : hairdressers
105. Dee Fish: shop, fishmongers, locally caught fish February 2009 VACANT
106. Grierson's : shop, butchers have own farm.
107. Cellar salon: hairdressers
108. Ballard's : shop, butchers, have own farm*
109. Corson's : shop, bakers, bakery at rear
110. Mair's: insurance brokers* . Was hardware shop until 2004
111. The Bible Shop: shop, books also Fairtrade products
112. Paws 4 Claws : shop, pet foods etc *
113. Sports: shop, sportswear* February 2009 shop, ladies clothes Pizaz
114. Pizza.com: pizzas. internet cafe, * February 2009 Indian take-away Castle Douglas Tandoori
115. Scottish Pantry: restaurant,
116. Dunfermline Building Society
117. Bank of Scotland
118. Crallan and Winstanley : architects
119. Natural Choice: hairdressers
120. Kirk's : shop, shoes.
121. Douglas Arms Hotel *
122. Debbie's Flowers : shop, flowers*
123. Douglas Arms: pub *
124. Posthorn: shop, fine arts, *
125. Stepping Out : shop, ladies shoes * February 2009 shop, wooden crafts
126. Impressions: shop, bags, luggage * February 2009, shop, local paintings
127. Rendezvous: cafe, empty since 1995
128. Thomas Cook: National travel agents
129. Kyle Fenwick: accountants
130. Autobar Leisure : shop, camping , cars and carvanning supplies* February 2009
shop, furniture , Country Style

131. Carson and Totter: accountants
132. Ranchers: decorative ironwork, agricultural suppliers
133. Charity shop - Vacant for four months February 2009, half now fast food outlet.
134. Alba Herbs: shop, plants and fish, garden supplies* February 2009 shop, pet supplies
135. Mental Health Association :shop, charity

Map of Castle Douglas from Castle Douglas Food Town website. Tesco site not shown, but next to roundabout in top right hand corner.


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